Rendezvous Bay


Anguilla Great House sits right in the middle of Rendezvous Bay, the best of Anguilla’s beaches.  Rendezvous is the longest continuous stretch of sand on the island, with gentle turquoise surf and the backdrop of mountainous St. Martin.  Rendezvous maintains the island’s easy, local vibe and grace.

Strolling along this beach guests you’ll find find local barbecue, live music and the world famous Dune Preserve, as well as Great House’s own Coconuts.  For the sportsmen sailing, waterskiing and kite boarding can be done right from the shore, but most choose to leisurely meander along the sands taking in ever so relaxing atmosphere.

The Beaches

There are 33 beautiful beaches that lace the coral edges of Anguilla and all offer public access.  More than a half dozen of these beaches have been a named “best beach in the world,” and each offers a unique atmosphere and experience.


On the West End, where Great House is located, Meads Bay and Long Bay are just across the way on the Atlantic side of the island, and Cove Bay, just to the West of Rendezvous offers natural beauty and Smokey’s Beach Bar. Sandy Ground brings the sail boat and village culture together on this beach and from here a boat trip can land you on Sandy Island or out to Prickley Pear.  There are so many beaches to visit, but Rendezvous Bay is the best to call home.



The art of cuisine is as much a part of Anguilla as its beautiful beaches, and restaurants are somewhat competitive on the island.  Nearly every type of cuisine can be found here and the atmospheres vary from sand floored grills to elegant venues that rival the finest cosmopolitan dining (with a better view, of course).

The Old House, our hotels own open air pool-side venue blends continental standards and Anguillian staple, and our Coconuts beachfront bar has become a day trip destination, with celebrity bartender Elvis designing our teams menu of creative concotions.

Music & Entertainment

Anguilla is alive with music!  Soca, reggae, steel pan and jazz to smooth R&B to even the gospel music…Anguilla is alive with song.  There is a rhythm to Anguilla life, music permeates the personality of its people.  You can see it our step, which carries a little bounce.  Music is a part of our culture.

As a visitor to Anguilla, the best way to enjoy our island is to are always welcome. Our guests enjoy our musical styles, joining in to “mash sand” (dance) at the beach bars, “liming” (relaxing and hanging out) at a sunset spot, or participating in the frenzy of a “jump up” (that is Anguillian for dance party).  

Beyond our music and dancing, creative expression is abound in our art galleries, art festivals, literary festivals and more. The island boasts amazing talent, creative locals that paint, carve, write and preform,  and the beauty of Anguilla has attracted artists to from all over the world, both as visitors and now residents.  Look out for seasonal festivals, studio showcases, art openings and more.



 The calm waters off of Anguilla Great House, with a very long and gentle graduation that is without a sudden drop off, make Rendezvous Bay the perfect beach for kids to play and experience a little freedom.  Local children often frequent this bay and it is not uncommon to find new friendships sprout up between guests and Anguillian children.

Off-property activities include dolphin encounters, the Little Bay water park and more.  Kids are welcome just about everywhere, but babysitting is also available through Anguilla Great House.


With the Atlantic on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other, water activities are a huge part of life here on Anguilla.  In fact, our national sport is “Boatrace.”

With steady trade winds and beautiful weather, sailing of all kind can be had:  day cruises, sunfish, catamarans, kite surfing and windsurfing; and with a motor: waterskiing, water tubing.   Anguilla’s offshore cayes offer wreck diving, reef diving, heritage diving and snorkeling and our PADI dive school offers lessons for beginners to advanced.

Sea recreation also includes glass bottom boat tours, kayaking, paddle boarding and an inflatable waterpark.  And off shore fishing excursions are also available.



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